Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gundam Virtue Is A Girl!

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

During free time, I try and make it a point to keep track of a few anime series that I find interesting. I usually spend an hour or two catching up with the latest episode thats available on the web.

Lately I found that the latest Gundam series was a little bland for my tastes. Nothing like Seed that from the onset had me hooked from the start and Destiny did the same too by drawing a parallel story line with Seed only with the opposite side.

Gundam 00 on the other hand seemed slower and less "advanced" than the Gundam series I have grown accustomed too. I suppose that being in our present timeline and universe, this would hold consistent. Still I found myself seeing less and less of it as the show progressed.

Now at its' 10th episode I decided to try and see if any new developments prop up. By the way, as I initially watched the series I noticed that there were two Gundams that stood out. Exia, being the main Gundam is cool due to all its' melee weapons, and we have Virtue who is probably a cousin of GPO2 Physalis.

Distant relatives? Virtue and Physalis...(got the images off

I found the Virtue kinda cool, it had the bulky macho "I can destroy a whole city with my weapons" look, and truly when put up against his smaller brethren is truly a menacing sight to behold.

Currently there are 4 main leading Gundams in the show.

GN-001 Exia
GN-002 Kyrios
GN-003 Dynames
GN-005 Virtue

Wait... Why is Virtue number 5? Where's the fourth Gundam? It was the topic of many a speculation amongst various forums and it has finally been revealed.

As I watched the 7th and 8th episodes I found that things were really picking up, the action was getting better as were all the Gundam fights. Virtue truly began shining as he showed off how to kick ass.

Then by the 10th episode as Virtue was caught in a tight spot it showed a little surprise.

That Gundam Virtue, is fat for a reason... because "it ate GN-004!" Just kidding!
Virtue purged of its armor revelas GN-oo4 Nadleeh, who is apparently very feminine compared to its muscular outer shell. Apparently it supposedly excels in speed and agility compared to its fat exterior...

All I know is, Virtue has hair!



EvilClown said...

OMFG! You spoiler!!!! Why the hell does a gundam need hair? It must be Virtue's secret weapon. Hair-killing action. Wappak! Pow! Splat! Boom!

Anonymous said...

LoL! Your Spoil Warning is Quite Small so you've pretty much destroyed my Anime Happiness. ROLFMAO! jk-ing!!!!

Was wondering, Where did you get your Materials for building your Models, liek the Paint's, Gundam Markers, Etc. Im looking into Modeling DX

SiMo said...

Hehe, they are quite small aren't they...

Modeling is a very very good hobby, and I more than suggest you try and pick it up!

We usually get our paints and markers from local hobby shops along with the model kit materials (styrene sheets, side cutters etc). Gundam markers with small points make the best markers as they allow you to mark fine panel lines along the face with ease. As for paints, we normally use Tamiya Color brand of spray paints.

If you are just starting out, I would suggest you acquire any grade Gundam kit, my buddy and I started painting an SD kit first for practice, they are relatively inexpensive and you can experiment on them guilt free! A decent side cutter is also very important! A good side cutter may be a little expensive but still, in the grand scheme of modeling a very good buy. Sandpaper is also an essential tool of modeling which you can pick up most any hardware store, try to get those with around 400 grit.

If you already started, then good luck to you. Modelers tend to develop their own styles of construction as time goes by, experiment and most important of all, have fun!

For more details and tips on Gundam construction aside from my blog, my buddy over at Senses Lumines ( also covers our other Gundam exploits.

Anonymous said...

Yess! I was afraid you woudn't reply! Thanks for the tips! I actually got a kit already Gundam-00 Dynames 1/144 FG and a set of Gundam-Seed Markers 6's.

I haven't started on it yet because I dont have all the tools yet. (SideCutter, Sand Paper Etc.) Where do you think I could get Tamiya SideCutters? I have one now but it's old and rusty, the spring is also worn-out. Mind suggesting a retail store?
I went to Hobbitoi for the Kit and Markers Btw. XD
I hope you reply again!

SiMo said...

The kit you got is a good start, but there may be some difficulties painting finer details on the FG kit. SD Gundams tend to usually only require general paint applications.

Don't be discouraged if you encounter any problems though, thats normal when you're starting out.

As a rule when you get better at painting, more parts to individually paint = better end results. The better results can easily be achieved by individually painting each of the parts before assembly.

Next, you may find that the black marker that came with the 6 pack of markers a little difficult to use when inking panel lines. Normally a single sold fine point Gundam marker (black or gray) will be better suited for this job. Usually Gundam Markers in packs of 6 have wide felt tips used in paneling whole sections of plastic, or inking other details in Gundams. Panel lines require a finer tipped marker.

Don't worry, they are inexpensive as well, usually around 100 Pesos... and last quite long.

As for where to get side cutters, Tamiya brand side cutters (believe it or not) can be sometimes found in SM TOY KINGDOM (but rather expensive around 500-800 pesos) don't pay more than that for a side cutter!

If you can manage a trip or live anywhere near the Makati area, try going to LILS FUTABA in Park Square 1. Its' right besides Magoos Pizza and is facing Abensons if you're comming from Glorietta 1. You may buy a decent side cutter as well as the panel line markers there. That's where we usually buy paints and supplies as well.

If you are more South bound... there is a good hobby shop that provides for paints / cutters / and markers as well in Festival Mall. Its the Special Toy Store at I think the second floor (the floor below the movie area).

Remember when buying markers for panel lines. Black or gray will do fine, pick up a white eraser as well because you can use a white eraser to clean up any errors during inking.

Also remember if you find a Tamiya brand side cutter too expensive you can settle for a cheaper (Chinese alternative) found at either store.

Just msg me back if you have any more questions.

Good luck!

Galo said...

Nope that's all the info I need! Good-Lord Tamiya Side-Cutter are that expensive!? D: Back in 02~04 I promise you, they were cheaper XD. (Super 4WD Fanatic Here too!) Anyway Thank You VerRry Much for the Info!

Oh btw is it okay to Blog-Friend you?

SiMo said...

Sure thing!

VirtueGundam said...

he form uncovered when the Gundam Virtue purges its armor. One characteristic is the exposure of the completely disheveled, hair-like cords that were attached to the armored parts. Light and excelling in mobility, it nimbly dodged attacks from Peers' Tieren Taozi. It can use the Virtue's shoulder cannons as handheld weapons.
The name "Nadleeh" comes from the Navajo word, meaning "Two Spirit" -Male/female/intersexed-bodied

VirtueGundam said...

tieria wanted to reveal this secret form of virtue later but due to the condition he was in at that moment it was best to use that form.. there is yet one mystery to be solved "the yellow/gold eyes he had when he got angry and decided to purge virtue's armour".. what is that about it is still unknown...

Anonymous said...

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