Sunday, June 1, 2008


Some years back there was a small stall type establishment called Samurai Foods that amongst other things sold a meager selection of Japanese dishes. However the highlight of this stall was not its limited Japanese culinary exposure, but rather their standard for getting noticed...

The humble Takoyaki Balls! Now dont get me wrong, it's nothing magnificent that must be hailed as a prince amongst foods, but it did offer a unique taste. One that was quite indeed a rarity amongst small stalls at the time.

Sadly, Samurai Foods slowly disappeared from the malls and super markets, leaving no source of the yummy but cheap treat.

Until now...

Really it has indeed been years since I las tasted this yummy treat, and now only to find it back with a vengeance. No, this isn't from Samurai Foods though, it is from another small non-existent elsewhere stall, but they do make one MEAN batch of takoyaki. Normally takoyaki is made from a yummy "fishball-squid" like batter, inside there is usually a piece of octopus, or locally squid, (Samurai Foods I believe never did this) then topped with a red sauce and some green herbs for garnish. It usually takes around 5 minutes to prepare a batch.

This new stall however takes quite a bit longer, I found out why. They use more ingredients, they have squid pieces inside, some small deep fried shrimp, then they use the standard takoyaki sauce, but added with a sweet brown powdery flaky thing along with the green herb garnish. Finally topped off with a bit of Japanese mayo.


Here they are above, don't they just look yummy! I admit, though they are slightly more expensive, and take longer to make, they are just truly worth it!

So if you're ever passing buy PQUE/BF (around ruins) drop by and give 'em a try!

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