Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas In The Air

Is it me, or has the season come in guns blazing? I recently found myself enjoying a cool December night a couple of days ago, and that's when it hit me - the holidays are here.

I just love the festive season! As lights begin to festoon every corner and each street of Makati, I begin to see that Christmas truly is in the air. I feel the season tug at my childhood each morning I wake up. I find myself hard pressed to get out of bed, instead wanting to just curl up in my warm sheets and just lazily sleep the cool morning away - a physical memory of my years spent as a child enjoying long holiday breaks.

The weather lately has been so pleasant, unusually cool for tropical Manila,something I only really encountered as a child. As I grew older and vacations and holidays became shorter, so too did the season get warmer. Now with the weather all cool and wonderful, I find myself longing more and more for a nice long holiday!

Did I ever mention that my family and I are Holiday nuts, we're real big on the holidays here. Each Christmas season we spend a lot of time with family and just generally being all "Christmasy". We all still do the gifts and everything, and after Christmas dinner, we all gather around the tree, distribute gifts and open then in front of each other. Usually much to the amusement of the funny gifts we often receive.

I love this season, and despite what people say, I really do believe that Christmas is for everyone and not just for kids..

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