Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hong Kong 2009 part 2

Picking up where I left off...

The first day in Hong Kong 2009 was pretty much uneventful. Compared to the other visits to HK, the first day usually turns out the same. After settling into the hotel, we go out and change our cash and have a late lunch. The remainder of the day is usually spent going to the local malls and shops looking for cool stuff to buy.

Fast forward to day 2!

This time around we happned to actually have a few first timers to HK with our family. This meant, that though we are by far no longer tourists in the traditional sense (we no longer go on tours when we are in HK), this time around we had to engage in a bout of "touristy" things. First up on the agenda is HK Disneyland!

Now if you ask me, first timers in HK who have to yet travel to any other part of the world "should" see a Disneyland at some point in their life. Though HK Disney is by far the most diminuative of the Disney theme parks, it still serves its purpose. Another thing that first timers to HK should see is Ocean Park, but we didn't go this year, so maybe next time...

First on the agenda for the second day is breakfast, Disneyland is relatively easy to get to from the city (its just a train ride away, but food there costs more than it does outside, so having breakfast is a good thing.

For this stay we decided to have a traditional touristy breakfast. When going to HK and you used a tour package to get there, they give you a bunch of complimentary breakfasts. We decided to have one of those now instead of the usual hotel buffet breakfast. It's a nostalgic thing...

The breakfast coupon gives you a choice of hams n toast with two eggs, or franks and toasts... I have to admit, their ham and toast is very good!

This is the subway map around HK, we will be taking the Tsim Tsa Tsui red line to Central then, take the orange line to Sunny Bay where the Disneyland train is located. After that it's just a scenic ride to the resort. All in all, the commute takes less than an hour or so, also depends on how fast you transit from train to train during connections.

Here is the interior of the Disneyland train, as you can see, it is quite different from the normal HK trains that run around. Even their handrails have been "Mickeyfied"

Below is the arrival station at the resort (or should a say at the resort's proximity), arriving by train gets you closer to the resort than actually arriving by tour bus. By train Disney ticket booths are located about 5 minutes casual walking 10-15 if you're snapping pictures. If you arrive by tour bus, the walk takes about 2 to 3 times as much! IT'S quite far! It was like the stroll from hell! So if you are thinking of going to the resort, save your feet and go by train. Your dogs will thank me!

Here is the entry way for the walk to Disney Land...

Below is the entry plaza to the theme park. This where you can get your tickets and various other souvenirs. Get your souvenirs after incidentally

This is the arch that separates the entry plaza from the theme park itself, adorning it are words seemingly from Walt himself, or from some talented writer...

From here, we first go off to Tommoroland! Usually, the cooler of the other locales within Disneyland Hong Kong.

By the way, what was different from last time we went here, is that this time, there is a new trail game that Disneyland HK was currently using at the time of this posting. A sticker trail hunt, which involves us scurrying about the park grounds trying to match up certain symbols to their respective representation, like; love, prosperity, fortune, wisdom etc.

If you complete it, you get a set of foil lucky stickers! Weeee...

Anyway, moving on, we proceeded to Buzz Light Year's Astro Blasters. Basically a laser light shoot em up with Evil Emperor Zurg and his minions as targets.

It's really just all good fun, I mean sure sometimes the effects are cheezy, but you really have to get into the spirit of things to enjoy this place. Besides, the kid that came with us had a blast, so it's all good.

Above is Main Street (I was about to add USA, but was not sure if it only applied to Disney parks in the US) which branches off in the middle to the respecting areas of the park. Visible waaaaaay back is Cinderella's Casltle. It is actually represented very very well! You get a sense that you're in some twisted cartoony historical street.

By the way, Main Street is famous for housing certain sweet and souvenier shops and is the venue for the daily parade!

Stay tuned for more in depth Disney goodness in the next entry!

Peace O_ox

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