Monday, January 14, 2008

A Dark Place...

Years ago, amidst the vigor and inexperience of my youth I did a terrible thing. A vile thing that resounds in my very soul even now. In me, it takes the form of a dark horse in the night that shepherds in mists of cold and dread. Parts of me are filled with woe at the sadness that I caused, and fear that one day the tail of the ugly monster I had created will rear its ugly head and exact its price upon my fragmented being.

Such things are the way of life I hear, but it's different when the origin of such a black tale is yourself. It is never a funny thing living despite the sorrow of another. That joy and peace have been stripped from them for a period of time, though infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things in the end count for something after all.

A night is what I must submit to eventually, as it was a night that was given that caused the birth of this dark place to come into being. Such a night that will echo in my every fiber, one that will ring into eternity as a payment to a debt I still owe.

The heart..., is a traitor (or so I hear) and so funny in its machinations . Schemes that tell of infinite regress and everlasting uncertainty are par for its course.

To this bearer of grief I offer my apology. The death of my pride and youth the platter on which I serve it. From the bottom of the remnants of me I offer it in full. Price paid, punishment reaped.

My sin, breaking something that is taboo, once broken no artisan in the world can make whole once more...

What goes around comes around...

(A work of fiction... maybe)

Peace... -_-

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