Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mac Experience...

Bout two years ago, my dad found out that he was entitled to a new laptop every two years via company program. At the time, we (my sister and I) were given a second hand laptop (a P3 Compaq 3600) My mom didn't have a computer during this period and we (my sis and I) had one each. So it was in our better judgment to just go ahead and let her use it. She hated it as she had a hard time making things work, it ran on windows 98, and was rather slow and well... virus ridden.

Dad who just found out that he was entitled to a laptop decided to file for one. I said, that he give me the money and I would get a family laptop that our mom would use.

He gave me the money and later in the day I came home with a G4 power pc I Mac. Mom was a little hesitant that she wasn't familiar with the setup but i implored her to go ahead and work with it for a couple of days.

Days later, I would be pleasantly surprised to find that she had everything under control, even more so, the Mac was now paired with her phone via bluetooth, had its own internet configurations setup and already sported yahoo messenger...

She enjoyed her Mac experience saying it was easy and well, lasted long (about 4 - 5 hours on a single charge).

I too was taken by the entire Mac thing... The first Apple product I ever got was an Ipod Nano, and I loved the entire experience that I was sold that Apple offered quality products.

Fast forward to now, I find myself a student once more, and amidst the ceaseless marketing reports and other presentations that are required of a marketing grad school student I found myself in need of a laptop of my own.

Incidentally, it was also the time for my dad to re apply for a new laptop plan... Perfect!

I proposed the idea (with a little help from my good grades) I would get my own laptop about a month later (processing took a while).

I decided to get the entry level MacBook. Even at the entry level, it sports a 2 gig core 2 duo processor, 1 gig system memory, 256 graphics (but shared with system memory... it's not really for games... got other machines for that) 80 gig hard drive and 13++ inches of wide screen glossy LCD!

My laptop is officially more powerful than my desktop (at single core p4 512 ram)!

The laptop came with free stuff (I bargained for...hehehe) that amounted to just under 3k pesos. This composed of a keyboard protector (which I will not use) and a very cool power sleeve (which I will use!)!

The image above has my mobile phone on the lower left corner for size reference.

This is the power sleeve that I got free, quite cool actually!

Apparently its made from "viscoelastic memory foam", soft yet sturdy!

Opening the rather thin box (which is minimalistic compared to their previous models' boxes) you see a branded foam front protector.

Removing the foam lid you see a few cables, the apple remote, and that rectangular gray thing is the MacBook itself... Minimalistic, I cant even see a manual...

Removing the MacBook reveals a small box emblazoned with a designed in California thingy.

Opening this little box reveals a small Everything Mac booklet (the manual... a booklet... minimalistic, but cool) and a Everything else box sleeve.

The box sleeve reveals the OS X install CD's, Apple Care info, a microfiber LCD cleaner, and of course the standard Apple stickers.

Opening the small gray bag will reveal the mac in all its' simplistic glory... Neat!

The MacBook is somewhat different from its' older IBook bretheren. The screen is wider (widescreen format) and is now glossy. The keypads have been altered so they are separated individually, sports magnets in the lid (non mechanical lid lock) as well as the magsafe adaptor latch and there is now a integrated webcam mounted on the upper part of the display bezel.

Personally I find the keys to be a joy to type on...

The free power sleeve again, (I just love this thing).

I am also trying out a local (pirated... ahem ahem) copy of the Office for Mac... So far it's stable and show no signs of hanging. Will update when I've gotten a chance to fully break the program in...

The MacBook is way faster than the older IBook (I should hope so...) and the new OS X is still a bit new to me (a seasoned Windows user) hopefully I get the hang of things soon.

I love the Mac experience from un-boxing to use, and even if its no MacBook Air, I just love my new Mac!

Peace O_o

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