Friday, September 7, 2007

Burrrr...Months (Reflections)

The other day I ate out with friends (as per usual whenever we stay late at work), and after our cheap yet satisfying BBQ dinner over at "lesser Inengs" amidst a flurry of jokes and side comments a friend of mine looked at me and started commenting on how it was getting chilly. She added that it's the "Burr" months and December is fast approaching. The look of genuine excitement on her face at the approach of the season of credit cards and insane traffic gave me shudders too. Christmas is really just around the corner, the moment you hit the "Bers" at the end of the names of the month signal that the holiday seasons are barely just 3 months away (the season not the holiday itself).

It's funny and creepy how fast time flies without you noticing. Pretty soon carolers will patrol the streets as well as ornaments going up across the Metro. I have to admit I too am a season buff. I really am a holiday junkie, and it's not just because of bonuses and days off. It's the season itself.

As far as I can remember I have always enjoyed the holidays. As a kid it was all about the gifts and food and people that you get to share the holidays with. As an adult its very different, it becomes MORE about the gifts and food and people. Seriously, as adults we really should enjoy every break from "adulthood" we can.

There's a saying that goes, "Christmas is for kids." and though it holds little truth, the grain of salt we can get from that saying is that "kids" may also mean young at heart. We need a little craziness and wonder and awe in our life. Moments that we have away from the strictness of our adult lives should be treasured and not frowned upon as fits of immaturity. I just love sitting by the tree smelling the smell of wrapping and plastic mixed with the electric buzz that Christmas lights give off. Just call me a kid at heart, but I welcome the "ber" months and all that they entail!

Hopefully readers out there realize that Christmas isn't just for kids, it's a season of peace and joy akin to a warm blanket that wraps around those whose hearts are open to a little wonder.


Sir X said...

"...And so I'm offering this simple phrase... to kids from 1 to 92..."

Well we still fall on that age bracket! XD So there's no stopping the Christmas spirit from showering on us!

I love wracking my brains on what gift to give my friends and family. Its such a challenge for me, like a 5x5 Rubix cube (hmmm... another blog idea!).

Ja mata ne!!!

SiMo said...

True true, nothing like giving out gifts (and receiving them hehe).

I also just love sitting under the tree trying to guess what's people gave me.