Monday, September 24, 2007

The Nugget Conspiracy!

McNuggets, golden oil drenched little chunks of wonder often taken with scrumptiously sweet BBQ sauce. Sure it's not as healthy a snack as lets say an apple, but there's no fun in eating an apple (even if you dip it in BBQ sauce). McNuggets have been around for quite a while now. I still remember the time they were new, and they were very much the rave. Now, they are overlooked due to the fact that they tend to cost more than your average meal that would probably fill you up before you finished your sixth nugget. This post isn't however about the semantics of pricing. This is about a dark conspiracy (well maybe not dark, and not much of a conspiracy either). More of a fun fact that you probably didn't know about...

Uhmmm... There was a sixth piece... but it fell... down a bottomless pit... yeah thats right!

Who hasn't eaten McNuggets? I mean if you're reading this post chances are very good you've had one at some point in your life. Well this post really applies to those who've eaten at least 12. I have always wondered why each time I bought nuggets there would always be a boot shaped nugget in my batch. Every time there would be one, on almost every batch I ate after I noticed that there was a boot shaped nugget.

Here is the boot shaped nugget in all its glory, and aside from this I realized that there were others that held the same visage.

The standard circular nugget

The square shaped one.

But most tell tale of all was the boot shaped one, was it because they used some part of a chicken shaped like a boot, or do aliens have some hand in this peculiar shaping phenomenon? So I did a little research onto why my McNuggets were usually the same shape (because I had so many other things I needed to do) and found out that McNuggets weren't just randomly shaped pieces of chicken strips. They came from molds!

An entry from Wikipedia reads - "Chicken McNuggets come in three shapes. The first resembles a boot – a rectangular shape with a stub jutting out of one of the corners. The second is a circle/ diamond. The third is roughly rectangular, but without the stub. Though the exact origin of these shapes is unclear, some believe the shapes resulted from a need to maximize yield from the meat mixture, coupled with a need for shapes that appear like random chunks, and not homogeneously mass produced." - from this article.

So there you have it... More useless information that may benefit you in some cosmic way provided by your friendly neighborhood McDonalds critique...

God I need a life...

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Sir X said...

I thought I'm the only one who notices the boot shaped nugget. Though I often get two of those in my order!

I bet I should get a life too! XD