Monday, September 24, 2007

Gundam Weekend Again!

Phew, it has been a while since my last entry and safe to say there have been some new additions to our current roster of Gunpla. Though a full and complete entry is still pending, I decided to just upload a couple of images on what has been accomplished the past 2 weekends of Gunpla building.

First off let me introduce MG ACGUY! He's not a Gundam I know, but we wanted to stray from our Gundam madness and try building a bad guy. We chose him over other evil mobile suits because... well... he's just really cute. Building him was a complete joy and holding him in your arms feels akin to holding a teddy bear!

Almost everything about him is HUUUGE! His foot alone is just about the same size as the torso of your average MG Gundam. MG Acguy is heavily reviewed at my buddy's blog Senses Lumines.

Next off the bat, we decided to try building other cute things. This is from the Keroro Gunso line ok MKII mecha. Yes, yes... very cute. About the size of your average sd Gundam, they also come complete with poly caps and well, they're really just Gundams with frog themes.

We've been able to build two thus far, Keroro himself and Kululu. The kits are hard to come by here in the Phils. but they sure are worth it! Also, if you complete all five MKII mechas, they combine into a giant gestalt! Wheeee, now if we could only find the others! Keroro kits are also reviewed here...

Last, but not the least. We continued on our building of bad mechas, and adding to the roster was a version 2.0 Zaku II (Char Aznable's custom). This was another treat to build. The design is very far removed from your basic Gundam construction, and he comes with a lot of new improvements over the past MG kits we built. If you notice he is able to pull off peace signs with ease (that's without modifications). We opted not to paint this one yet because of recent painting mishaps...

Zaku II reviewed here...

Stay tuned for more updates as they come (as I get the drive to type em...hehe)
Peace! O_o

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