Thursday, May 29, 2008

Got a new camera!

My mom just got back from a trip to India... I hear it was humid and there were lots of spicy foods. Well, my family has a tradition that we usually travel together abroad, when we don't because the parents or in this case the "parent" decided to travel to some place in the world on their own, it is customary for them to buy a rather "big" gift for the us the kids. Hehehehe.

In this case she came back with a bundle of Indian jewelry for herself my sis and aunts etc.(which was cheap I hear) and for me (since I don't wear jewelry) a new camera.

I liked the Nikon D40 ever since it came out way back in the day, but found that I had other things I needed to purchase first, sadly it was taking me a while to get the new camera, and hoped that in time an opportunity would present itself...

Indeed it did! Thanks mom!

Moving on... because it was my mom who purchased it, the d40 came back to me un-boxed and stored in a camera bag. The various elements strewn about in a big plastic bag. She happened to keep the original box only as a base for another plastic bag...

Here it is...

The kit comes complete with the body as well as a Nikkor DX 18-55 mm manual / auto focus lens. It also comes with a CD, charger, strap as well as the battery. As for the memory card, my mom was able to bargain for a freebie 4gig stick! Wow!

Here are the contents of the box, unfortunately, it should also have come with a usb data cable, which was apparently left in the hotel in India... Have to find a good replacement here.

I'm excited for my new camera, it will take me a while I'm assuming to get used to all the new nuances of this camera, but as with most gadgets, thats half the fun!

Peace o_Ox

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