Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Omega Supreme Goodness!

Heard of Transformers Animated? Well I've been keeping tabs on the show, and for those not in the know, its quite a departure from the Transformers of old. They sport mismatched proportions, over the top expressions, and a down right "cartoony" nature if I do say so myself. If you're seeing them for the first time, you'd think it was Transformers for kids...

I forget if I already said anything about them, but what I say now is that they are in fact cool, the cartoon rocks, and also mainly because they toy line is very appealing! From what I've seen the toys have very good quality and are well engineered, their transformations are simple yet still very cool as they now combine the best of the gimmicks from all the previous lines (automorphs, button gimmicks, and lights and sounds)

My buddy over at Senses Lumines got a hold of a Voyager class figure... Bulkhead, and well just see for your self his Orcish goodness!

Anyway, the reason for this post is that a new character was introduced to the series, and he has already been confirmed as the next supreme class of toy for the line... He is none other than Omega Supreme himself!

He has had a rather colorful history as a toy and animated character, but safe to say he has always been large in both categories (animation and toy incarnations) good to see he will also continue in this thinking as he will be in the supreme sized category of animated toys.

Here is Omega Supreme in his alt mode, if you watch the cartoon, you'll know this is the Autobot's ship (they call the Ark / not to be confused with the Original Autobot Ark... That's a different story), it has a disabled defense system called "Omega" which was shut down due to lack of energy...

Even then there were already hints that this ship would be Omega Supreme... Just look at the color scheme and a system called "Omega"!

Here is another view of the Ark...

Here is the Ark with the "Omega" system activated, at which point he becomes the large Autobot Omega Supreme!

You can already plot out how he might transform... The legs become the bow of the ship, with the head as the turret (a throwback to the original Omega Supreme whose head was also a turret) and upper body as the ship's stern... You can already see the boosters and rear fins on his shoulders!

It's cool that fans of the series got their wishes / suspicions granted and confirmed! I think this is a very good rendition of Omega, and he looks totally wicked in a cute stumpy way.

Man I just cant wait to see his toy incarnation, I hope they make it real good!

Peace out O_ox

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