Saturday, May 31, 2008


Sometime ago I was able to pick up what I'm assuming is one of the last original molds to be made for the Transformers Movie toy line. This time around it's Decepticon Stockade. He comes as an S7 van thingy (yeah, couldn't tell myself)... He is well detailed ( I especially like the mini Deceptiocon emblem on the front grill) and comes off in blacks, some greys and tranclucent blues.

Below is how his transformation starts. His transformation in fact is actually quite simple, after you pull out the front portion, you simply rotate them around to turn them into his lower legs and feet.

Then all thats left is to split the body apart revealing his rather long arms and thats basically it!

Here he is below almost completely transformed... I just forgot to twist his head around...

Here you can see the detail of his back. I actually like the way his back is formed from the front wheels of the van.

All in all I think Stockade comes off rather well. His robot mode is good looking, although he has no weapon, he has extending arms as his gimmick. Great detail, and well built, I think he is a fine addition to the line and a good representation of the deluxe line!

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