Monday, August 13, 2007

Gundam Madness!... Part Two

It's Monday morning, 10:44 AM (AUG. 13) and I can't wait to get some sleep. The reason, stayed up all night last Saturday and am still feeling a little hangover from completing our latest project. MG Strike Freedom! My buddy and I just completed it Sunday morning and man was it ever worth it! Yes, I now resemble a raccoon, but it was all worth it.

Me after the project (got this off the net!)

We really went all out on this one! We even went as far as to change the original colors to a custom color set. However, our little project, even though a grade above our last one (cough cough F91 cough!) there is still room for improvement. We found out that the little nubs (from where the sprues were cut off) detracts from the overall appearance, and our method of spray painting everything before we cut causes this little
faux pas. All in all it was a very good learning experience even if we have minor quibbles on this latest project, we still love the finished product.

18+ Hours of work! (Details on construction here, and more pictures here... Courtesy of Senses Lumines)

Will keep you posted on our next project (at the time of this articles completion, the next project was already underway... wink wink)

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