Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I wake up Wednesday and this is what I see... darkness with just a tiny bit of light streaming in from the window beside my bed. It's another day of work ahead of me so I better get moving...

First stop, the bathroom... For, well... uhm... washing my hands and taking a bath... lolx

After a nice shower, I change up into my work clothes, sans any over shirt I might be wearing that day and head off to breakfast. No, thats not a kids meal... Breakfast today was a little on the cute side (a hot dog and a little rice)... You get what you can.

I then go back to my room and grab my stuff which I prepared the night before, that way I can get as much sleep as I can and not worry about the things I may need later on in the day. I then rush out and head off into the garage...

Hehe, I'm running a little late today, I'm ideally out of the house just as this clock hits 9 AM.

I live in an area that's blocked off from the main express way, and the only way to get to the main hi-way is by exiting the service road at either end... Adding to the problem is that traffic jams often occur within the service road thanks mainly to traffic aides that do nothing than to aid in causing traffic. Luckily, today had traffic flowing rather nicely along the service road. The traffic aide must be sick today.

Here's the exit I normally take to get to the hi-way, and as you can see public utility jeepney's gather at the mouth of the exit. This adds a little buildup to the egress from the service road, but all is well.

True enough, there wasn't any aide today. Thus we had freely flowing traffic and very little time was wasted in getting here. I hope he misses out on morning traffic causing duty more often.

Here's the entrance to the hi-way. There is a toll free way to get to Makati, but then you'd have to wake up extra early just to get to work at a respectable hour. Using the hi-way has a lot of disadvantages rather than advantages. There aren't really any other ways (sensible ones) to and from Makati for the majority of people who live in my area, ergo traffic jams aplenty if you happen to catch the morning rush. Furthermore, you pay 30 bucks just to use it one way, thats 60 bucks a day!

Here it is the glory of the hi-way... Traffic in all its splendor! If its really moving slow I just listen to music, read a book or just take a nap, and hopefully when I wake up it'll be the weekend already!

Here we just turned off into the Makati area, as you can see the road is relatively clear ahead... I don't know why, was there a party and was I the only one not invited... That's Ayala station up ahead to your left. We normally board buses there on the way home.

This is the turn off from Edsa to Ayala avenue. Yes, the traffic here gets terrible during rush hours (of which I am normally part of)

Hay! More twapik! This time in Ayala avenue... I wonder what time I'll get to work?

Finally a little progress, traffic is REAAAALLLY bad in Ayala avenue and Makati avenue, the very avenues that I have to pass through just to get to work. The main culprit for the Makati avenue stretch is what I lovingly call the Stoplight of Despair! This cursed stoplight only blinks green for a maximum of 5 seconds allowing only a single car to make a u-turn. More details covered in the Stoplight of Despair link.

Here's the stoplight up close... I could swear I heard demonic laughter as we passed this light.

I finally get to work, and its 10:06 AM, remember that cute breakfast I had... I drop my stuff off at my desk and head off for a little snack to fuel those creative juices.

My beverage of choice hails from the 7-11 at the 6th floor. This is a nice little 7-11 that isn't as fully stocked as the others out there, but they have junk food and you don't have to go far to fulfill the little binges of hunger or sugar pangs you may suffer throughout the day.

Ahhhhh! the big gulp, covered extensively at Senses Lumines!

Mister Donut! During the daytime, as you can see they have a well stocked inventory (minus a lot of doughnuts), but after lunch a building wide sugar crave will deplete their resources to just sandwiches...

I bring my breakfast supplement to my desk and immediately begin working...

That is until I see that some of my "office equipment" need attending to... I should really cover the fact that almost everyone at work has desk creatures that co-inhabit their workspace. I guess we're just a sociable lot, at all times we have to have people or things to talk to... 0_o

11:04! Man, almost a third of the days' wasted! I say a third because we typically divide our work hours into three. Normal people only have two halves to their work day divided by their lunch period. We have three... The period before lunch, the period after lunch but before late snack time, and the small amount of time after snack time but before dinner. So, it's getting a little close to lunch, better get a move on those pending articles I have to accomplish.

Aww, It's SD Strike Noir, I just can't help but appreciate him for a few minutes... Aww man, I seriously HAVE to get back to work, enough with the distractions... Work Work Work!

Is what I wanted to say, but the body is unwilling, so I went off for lunch with my buddies around noon... Please don't mind the clock on the phone. It's obviously reading the time wrong! How on earth can my break be more than an hour... Actually, had to step out for a bit just to get some "office equipment". I'm currently tackling a Tonkatsu set from Tokyo Toykyo, I'd say it's a fair meal, and we get free rice refills... The real winner however is their iced tea! Yum!

It's now 3:17 PM and time's growing short, Just got back from a short trip of buying important "office equipment". Back to work.

Gosh, drowning in scripts... Work's fun though!

After a days hard work and shopping for "office equipment" it's finally time to go home its almost 7:30 PM, that's the time I'm supposed to punch out... 50 more seconds! In truth whenever my buddies and I go home, we usually end up somewhere eating dinner or watching a late night movie. Talk about insomniacs!

It's now 12:15 AM, Just got home and about to hit the sack. Well, after a shower and maybe midnight cookies... That's the gist of how my tedium normally runs. Just a typical Wednesday...

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