Thursday, August 2, 2007

SD Gundam Strike Noir Updates

Just updating whatever happened to the kit I painted in a previous post. We were able to complete the SD Strike Noir I painted last weekend, and all I can say is that painting Gundams definitely adds to their quality! I mean, just check out the pictures. Keep in mind however that the the builders (me and my best bud) are amateurs at the entire painting thing. The first time I painted Gundam parts was covered in this post. Also note that my panel lining ability sucks big time, and the only reason this one came out really nice was that my buddy does panel lines like its nothing!

The look and overall texture of the completed SD is really something to behold, given that this is one of the simpler Gundams out there. By the way, as you can notice, this particular SD Gundam is capable of quite a few poses, it seems that the quality of SD kits nowadays have improved vastly. In fact I found this SD kit to be on a whole different level than my last foray into the cheaper Gundam kits (cough! FG Buster cough! Gundam cough!) and that this one is capable of better articulation and dynamic poses than its FG bretheren. To top it all off they're just sooo damn cute! Who knows, this may not be the last SD Gundam that we get to play around with... Keep you posted!

For an in-depth review of SD Strike
Noir Senses Lumines has your back!

Ang cute!

Photos Courtesy of Senses Lumines (Thanks Bro!)

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