Saturday, April 26, 2008

Japanese Food Fun...

Last week, I attended a seminar for creative thought processes. As the sessions would start at 2, and I was already there at 1:30, I decided to grab a bite to eat. I haven't had lunch at this time, but there really wasn't enough time to go around and find decent grub, so I went and roughed it a bit.

I stopped by a nearby Mini Stop to try and find something to eat, lo and behold the only thing that I relatively found edible was the fried dumplings, and a new item that I found.


These "onigiri" (Japanese Rice Balls) were a little costly, but its been a while since I last had these. Also the last "onigiri" I had at Mini Stop (adobo flavor... iew) wasn't really good. So I tried out the new ones they had. In fact these look suspiciously like the ones I've had before on a stop over at Japan.

Anyway, I decided to take the sukiyaki and salmon stuffed ones. Sitting myself at an empty counter I set up my meal. I would take a dumpling and munch on the rice balls after.

The fried dumplings were sub par... However the sukiyaki onigiri was GREAT! The salmon was okay with me, a lot more authentic than that crappy adobo flavored one. But the sukiyaki flavored one was excellent!

It didn't hurt that they used really well made rice... Japanese rice I gather mixed with the rice wine adding sweetness and a mild, subtle flavor all around.

Sadly (maybe because of the rice shortage) these things are a little on the expensive side. 35 bucks a pop! A little too rich for my blood, but the taste was well justified... Im just cheap. LOLX

Here is another iconic Japanese dish, Gyoza... the fun part comes with how they spelled "dumpling" hehehe, in fairness, there were "Damplings" before in an online game called R.O.S.E. hehe!

Here is another one! Anyone want "carry"?

Japanese foods are fun, although curry isn't really a Japanese original, just look at some animes and you will see that curry has been integrated into their menu, just as we are now integrating onigiri into ours!


Peace O_o x

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