Friday, March 9, 2007


"This is Spaaartttaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"

Famous words to live by if you ever wish to kick someone into a bottomless pit.

My friends and I just finished watching the 300 movie based on Frank Millers graphic novel (I don't really know much about the novel, but the movie rocks!). I wont give away any spoilers, but I did notice however a very artistic approach to most all scenes, and I have to say it works very well with the theme. Who would have thought that the artistic rendering of slow motion fight scenes along with CG assisted gore as well as the visual flow of the fabric that made up their capes as they landed blow after blow could so well be executed all in a single shot. I just love how some of the certain fabric effects match with the swift motion of the actors as they follow through a fatal attack that lands on the torso of an opponent, then after dodges another would be death blow from another attacker only to render said attacker stunned by slamming their shield into them then following up with a quick slice to the throat which is then followed by a very noir blood splatter effect, all rendered in beautiful slow-mo. Now take that and multiply it a thousand fold with a thousand variations, and you pretty much have an idea of how well linked and detailed the fight scenes could get.

My words do the movie no justice, just watch the film and enjoy the needless carnage and death that follows its wake.

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