Thursday, March 8, 2007


I'm feeling a bit nostalgic lately, I do from time to time. I remember the time me and my two best buds back in high school would spend large chunks of our summers together, those were the days. I remember that on two such wonderful summers we spent somewhere around a week in my province, and the place being a province there were no malls and such. So we did what any young group of guys would do with a TV set, we played video games. We would spend whole days doing nothing but talk and torture our thumbs till they were pink (they never became sore as we were well used to putting them through the strain of button mashing). By the way, during this time we only had a Sega Mega Drive the first time around and a Playstation the next, and the only real breaks we had away from video games was when we would all pack up and stay overnight on some beach. Anyway, what really made me nostalgic lately was that I recently saw the night sky here in the city, as in really took the time to look at it and stare into infinity just loosing myself to thought. Then it hit me that the night sky here had no comparison to other night skies I've seen. In fact the two most beautiful night skies I've ever seen bar none were those nights in the province lying down on some desolate sandy beach.

I don't have a picture, I was young and didn't really have camera equipment capable of taking night skies, and I will not even try to find one online as no picture could ever do justice to those skies. They were so bright that they were forever etched into my very being, a night sky so clear, unclouded and littered with so many stars it was like staring into an abyss you could fall into forever. The warmth you feel from bathing in the glow starlight as the oceans song slowly lull you to sleep.

Yeah... so I miss my childhood... life...

I don't know if I will ever see another sky like that, I've been to a few more beaches over the years and none of them quite compare to what I saw those few nights. Some would start to come close as the night rode on, but clouds or a bright moon would cripple the view. Who knows, maybe someday I will...

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