Friday, March 9, 2007


Summers' almost here! I just love summer, it reminds me of the time that I would have no work, no school, and my only job would be to stare at trees and count coconuts. The norm here would be that each summer, my cousins would come over from the province, or at least a set of them from somewhere would come over to spend the summer holidays here in tropical bliss. If they were coming from the province they would come here to Manila to run away from too much tropical bliss. Here are some pictures my cousin took while they were here last year, I missed out on this particular trip as I was busy with other things, I followed later on, but totally missed out when I saw that they went to this resort in the province and had the place all to themselves. It didn't help any when I saw that the place was pretty cool.

The place, notice the decorative flower that adds variety
to an otherwise plain sign post (insert sarcasm here)... lol

Not a soul in sight, and you can see its such a nice day out.

This is how some (or most, dunno... wasn't there, remember) of the lodgings look like, they kinda remind me of some sort of mini Alcatraz. (notice the bars surrounding the building, is it to keep you in, or keep others out...) The view however, is beautiful.

They cut stairs at the side of the cliff face that leads to other picturesque sites, and also leads down to the beach where if bored with chlorine water one can simply hit its saltier equivalent.

So, I totally missed out, yes there are a lot of places like this that dot the entire country, some better some worse. The BIG difference however is that its so nice and private here, that if you have holiday in mind so that one can relax and leave the mob of people behind in the city then this place is perfect, but as the traditionalist goes, if one goes out to mingle and have fun, you'll at least have the fishes, and the occasional sea urchin to talk to.

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