Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Last Trip

Let me tell you guys a little more about myself, I on occasion am blessed enough get to travel (or have the option to travel to various places around Asia) around and see a lot of stuff. Yeah I normally do it with the family which I find a lot more fun (I'm A very family oriented, and have been to a few places. However, I find myself drawn back to particular country more so than most. Hong Kong, yeah yeah yeah.... I know a lot of you folks have "been there-done that", but hear me out. Hong Kong was the very first country I remember ever going to, I was taken around as an infant and lived in other countries for a while, but its impossible to remember any of it. So, consciously Hong Kong was my first abroad experience ever. As thus it left an everlasting impression that I have yet to loose. I come from a very warm country and the difference in temperature acts as a wonderful bonus whenever I go there, I've also seen some of the "touristy" locales over the years and have since stopped going on tours with fellow tourists, but what really attracts me to Hong Kong is one of its primary attractions... shopping.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a guy and yes shopping can tire me out a lot... (well shopping with the female members of my family wears my patience and energy really thin, I mean how many times do you have to try the same thing on before you decide to buy it, and NO! walking 3 miles down the street to get 1$ off something priced at 250$ is not a discount) So, when I say shopping, I mean shopping like a dude. I see something (and since its HK) look around a bit (bit=within the block radius) for a cheaper price, I then decide to haggle on the price if I find one, then I buy it if its good enough (good enough=price lower than those of my home town).

Now the reason I like the shopping in HK is that some of the things I find "interesting" are WAY cheaper there than it is here (these being gadgets, toys, and games) and its difficult not to come home with a combination of these things. My last trip I was able to score a couple of things I find particularly amusing which I will eventually do a review of some time later.

This time we stayed at the Holiday Inn, It isn't where we normally stay at, but they do have a VERY good breakfast buffet.

They had several small 10 person elevators, I prefer these more over the massive industrial elevators commonly seen in most hotels.

We had 411, as you can see they use the card key system that also acts as the key to power the rooms lights and air conditioning.

They had an average sized room for the standard twin (not seen is the other bed) but what was sorely different from our usual hotel was that their standard twin bathroom was about a third the size.

On one of her many excursions, my mom picked up what I thought was one of the better blueberry cheesecakes I've ever eaten, unfortunately we were all full at the time and were about to head back to the airport. We decided to bring the remnants of the cake along (about half of it). Bad idea... as the trip clearly did not agree with it.

Suddenly airline food doesn't seem so bad after all.

One of the things I was able to bring home was a brand spanking new Nintendo Wii, of which there were two must have games I just had to have; Trauma Center: Second Opinion, and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

I also got me a new Ipod, my old one lasted me a good year. It still works and all, but the batteries are a lot weaker than they were. I also have a PSP and needed a new game for it, so I decided to get DBZ: Shin Budokai. I also got a new camera (the one taking the pictures) so gadget wise it was a good haul.

Lastly, I also collect toys (mainly robots from sentai, transformers, etc). I found this one really cheap, better than here where its 3x the price.

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