Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beat The Summer Heat!

I woke up this morning to the sound of my mom calling out for everyone to change. Apparently she wanted to go swimming during the morning while the sun is relatively cancer free (well we hope so). Unfortunately by the time the entire family was able to mobilize, it was already 10AM! Not particularly sun free, but facing the humid summer morning we thought that a quick dip didn't sound too bad.

Swimming is one way to cool off during the summer months...

So off we sped to the nearest pool accessible to us, which was a pool at the currently developing Tribeca condos.

The Aqua Park...

The Poolside...

A Bed On The Poolside, you can lounge around, just don't bring a book or electronics for that matter.

Submerged Pool Chairs.

Unfortunately, we found the area a little too steamy... It was just too hot and sunny to swim without risking serious dermal injury. So we (the young people consisting of my sister, cousin, and yours truly) decided to head back ahead of everyone.

So scratch that idea, when we got back, we decided that we would all just stay in one room and play uno stacko until we started puking multi colored blocks, nothing like a wholesome game while whittling away the summer hours.

However, whenever we do play, we end up laughing so much that it gets a little too rowdy. It's a family thing... Suffice to say whenever we are together, we end up with side stitches from all the laughter that ensues shortly thereafter.

Laughter, another way to pass the summer!

That afternoon was particularly hot! I mean it was absolutely sweltering!

So my mom decided to make mais con yelo. Always a good summer treat, so my dad and I drove down to the market to get one giant slab of ice, a few necessary ingredients as well as ice cream. Then when we got home, mom started making the cool desserts, but I decided to make a few adjustments.

Here was what we came up with...

Ice cool desserts are always one good way to beat the summer heat!

How do you cool off during the summer months?

Peace O_o

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