Sunday, March 23, 2008

Summers' Here Again!

Well, its summer again!

I just love summer! What can I say? Its the smell of the sun baking the living daylights out of everyone, its the smell of the sand, the long vacations, the outings, the halo-halo's, the cool summer nights... The list goes on and on!

It always brings me a sense of joy and calm whenever summer comes around, Back in the day, I remember feeling relaxed and calm during the summer months. When I was a student, it was the small reprieve after a school years' worth of studying. Now that I'm older, the reprieve still exists but only in existential form. A "period of relaxation just because I know its summer" kind of thing, even when I no longer have seemingly unending holidays.

I plan on making the most out of my summer, by creating memories and having the time of my life! I mean, how often do we get to enjoy summer...

Well, here's hoping all of you have a very happy and sunny summer!

Peace O_o

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