Saturday, March 29, 2008


Who doesn't like cute little kitties? I mean, just look at em! They're a bundle of love all wrapped up in nice little fuzzy package of joy!

My buddy over at Senses Lumines keeps a few cats at their place, and they recently had a litter of kittens! Since, they already get a lot of love from their existing cats, they are willing to share their new kittens with anyone willing to take care of one!

A pet will always be a rewarding experience, one that is bound to give back more than you put in. So if you're interested in getting a little love and giving some in return just drop either of us a msg, we will see if we can arrange a little kitty transfer!

Peace O_o

BTW, valid for those in Manila only... hehe (kittens don't enjoy boats or planes)

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