Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hard Core!

Hard Core! (got this off the net... @_@)

We were able to get a copy of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for the PSP, and what can I say, It's one REEEAaaaaalllyyy sweet game!

Story wise, the game takes place before the events of the original FF VII. Unfortunately I had a "bad" copy of said game (events of disc one were on disc three, and about 2 hours into the game the weapons started waking up!) so I will not go into detail of how well related this one is to the original FF VII.

So far the story revolves around Zack Fair with good doses of cameos from some of the FF VII cast. The story is a little compressed compared to the standard world affecting epics of usual Final Fantasy Fare, this really is just the background story of Zack folks. Locations are limited, and the storyline practically runs on rails.

Don't get me wrong however, what is there is good, and sheds light on some issues of the original game, but you can't help but feel the "oh no it's almost over what do I do now?" kind of feeling as you play it.

The graphics are top notch for something on a small screen, you forget that it's not a PS2 you're playing on because it is such an immersing experience. In fact, the summon animations are down right wicked. Whenever you are lucky enough to get a summon, you will be treated to a FULL CG summon animation that runs seamlessly with the game battle animation.

Game play wise, it plays a little like Kingdom Hearts. Little menu interaction, one button combos to pull off attacks. How is this so you ask? It's all thanks to the DMW! "The digital mind wave" interface takes the thinking process out of the equation as it does all the summoning and limit breaks for you. That aside, it is also responsible for other beneficial side effects such as buffs and will be your only means of leveling up! No more power leveling here, in order to level up, the slots must read 777. Yes there is an element of chance and while others may abhor it, some will just accept it as another unique play mechanic.

All in all, Crisis Core is a very very playable game, in fact I would go on to say that it's one of the most "must" games for PSP owners anf FF fans alike, you get exemplary gameplay, a lot of fanservice from cameos, and ultimately another slice of FF VII to add to the table, albeit presented in a rather small bite sized nugget.

Peace O_o

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