Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ronald Grimace...

SiMo: Wedding nanaman... Ilan na sa batch married?

Unknown: not sure

SiMo: I know!

SiMo: ill adopt a son within the next few days (yung kamukha ko) then come up with an elaborate yet colorful story of how I lost my wife to a mad koala accident during a trip to Australia... at least ok na single ako... sabihin ko im mourning pa din...

SiMo: damn koalas!

Unknown: hahahahaha

SiMo: I can manage a son lolx... cge yun na lang muna... ill call him Ronald Grimace Anthony

SiMo: nickname nya "Argee"

Unknown: cute naman ng name nya!

Unknown: ok lang yun, tignan mo ako, Im enjoying being single! I'm not getting married anytime soon.

SiMo: Good for you, ganun din naman ako e, pero very inconvenient lang pag ikaw lang ang walang "plus 1" sa invitation.

Unknown: gagi!

SiMo: Lol!

This is an "almost" accurate transcript of a conversation between me and a friend. Hey, the cast of Friends didn't start getting hitched until well into their 30's! Bata pa ako!

LOLX, Peace O_o

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