Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gundam Holy Weekend!

Well, Holy Week just zipped by and, my buddy and I got a little time to do a little Gundam building. Unfortunately because it is costly and time consuming to paint the kits, lately we've been just snap building and panel lining our kits, to have them painted later on when we have more time and funding, lolx (hey, paints don't grow on trees!).

This time around we built MG Destiny, and well, he was standard fare for an MG kit with a few exceptions. I will list the few impressions we made on this kit, my buddy over at Senses Lumines will cover the details and nuances of construction fully when time permits.

First off, he has improved shoulder rotation, well, I should rather say that it is no worse than what the MG Strike Noir displays, but still the slightly elaborate reconstruction of the shoulders make it interesting.

Next he sports an "improved" (read annoying) waist unit. Now, the legs can be separated even further via a switch that increases the angel at which the legs will default. This gives him effectively a wider stance as if he had rashes. We are frankly annoyed and wished he sported sturdier leg assemblies. The "improvement" makes his stance unstable and every time we shift his position to move his pose, his legs will click loose...

We plan on rectifying the situation soon, perhaps with a healthy dose of super glue.

The completed, yet unpainted kit.

Here ready for storage, we placed him together with Strike Freedom as they are rivals.

Will keep you posted on the status of our uncompleted Destiny...

Peace O_o

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