Friday, April 4, 2008

Comfort Food...

Feeling a little down lately...

Nothing like food to keep you company, so here are two of my friends that helped me through today.

First up is a BBQ Chicken Pizza from Yellow Cab.

I had this for my lunch today, the chicken was great, juicy bites of goodness along with the tart yet sweet BBQ tomato paste that formed the pizza's base. A healthy topping of mozzarella cheese glued everything together making one unique and very satisfying bite. Adding a generous drizzle of fat free ranch dressing ties this slice loose ends quite nicely, even if I do say so myself.

Then around 6 I decided to have an early dinner, this time round it was a Baked Chicken Roll from SnR.

This was great as well, the chicken was tender and offset by generous portions of ham and bacon. All that goodness wrapped in a crispy calzone stuffed with sweet mozzarella cheese. Again the dip of choice is the ever versatile ranch dressing that provides a tart goodness to the very meaty and cheesy combination of the wrap. Here it just came out of the oven and as you see the cheese is still dripping, the best way to eat it!

Hopefully, I feel better by tomorrow... I just feel a little burned and bummed out.

No peace >_<

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