Sunday, April 13, 2008

Doggie Couture

I spent the afternoon yesterday at Tiendesitas with my sister tending to our dogs. As the summer months roll, our dogs (Chows) tend to feel a little too hot due to their thick fur coats. So we make it a point to give them a nice trim once a year.

We brought our dogs to Petspan, this is where we brought them last year and we found their service to be quite capable.

Here they are at Petspan being prepped for an afternoon of torture... este pampering.

The reason we do this only once a year, is that for some reason our dogs tend to find the experience rather bothersome, Bruce gets bored from all the standing and would rather sit through the whole experience, and Kim was downright scared!

Also because getting them worked on is rather expensive... Doggie couture is by no means cheap! It's 800 Pesos per dog! That's like 200 Pesos a paw!

Anyway, on with the show, first off the groomers cut off the excess claw growth from their paws. Below we see Bruce already annoyed and wishing he were somewhere else...

When will this end?

Then the groomers deep clean the ears of the doggies... Here we see Bruce silently wishing that he remembered to tip the sharp instrument with a LOT of cotton.

By this time, Bruce was almost done with the starting stages and was already in line for a bath, Kim however was uncooperative and rather grumpy. They had to resort to using a muzzle on her to make sure she didn't bite back. Here we see Kim depressed as she is slowly accepting her fate of being groomed.

Suddenly... I hear a familiar clinging sound. A tinkling that resounds in my ear and beckons me to look around, when alas I find the source of the magical chimes.

ICE CREAM! I figured the dogs would last 2 minutes without me, so off I sped to get myself a cone... or two.

Tiendesitas has their own dirty ice cream source!

Here's what I got for 20 bucks, a bit of a rip if you ask me, but then their dirty ice cream is CREAMIER than the regular ones, and they come in mango and cookies cream... YUM!

By the time I got back (2 minutes, I swear) I see that Bruce was being prepped as it was now his turn in the bathtub! Below we see Bruce showing how he feels about a bath.

When will the hurting stop?!

Bath time!

They use a mini bathtub with a heater for their primary bathing method, the oven looking thing in the background is their pet dryer. Unfortunately, our dogs are too big to fit in the dryer so they will use a giant blow dryer instead.

Not wanting to see Bruce in this state (as it got boring while he was being bathed), me and my ice cream cone decide to walk about and check out what else is going on around the pet village of Tiendesitas.

Last time we were here, these persians were already here, unfortunately someone already purchased Koogles.

Here we see more cats just lying about... I may own dogs, but I am also rather fond of cats.

I also saw this husky, back in the day before we decided on getting chows, huskies were the other breed we were looking into buying.

After my short stroll, I decided to head on back to the groomers to check in on the status of our doggies. I found that Bruce was already out of the tub and being dried already, I could see the discontent on his furry little face...

Where have you been!?

Here we see Kim distraught at being next in line for a bath. Seen in the foreground is the above mentioned pet dryer.

Here, Bruce is being finished up with a good trim, groomers tend to round off the dog by following the contours of their body outline. Bruce is looking spiffy again.

3 hours in, Bruce was already done, and Kim was still being handled. Unfortunately she was rather scared during the entire time that it took a while for her to calm down. My mom (who just came down from Antipolo) decided to drop by to check in on the dogs. She had to personally handle Kim so that she would calm down enough to be groomed properly.

Aggravating her condition was that she hated the muzzle! It made her even more nervous...

Mom ensuring Kim all they would remove was a little fur and not one of her paws.

After a LOOOOONNG time Kim was finally finished as well, happier and a lot less furrier, we walked our dogs a bit around Tiendesitas and sent them home so they could rest. The humans in the party decided that we would treat ourselves this time, so we headed off for dinner.

Which I will cover in my next post...

So if you have really furry animals, treat them to a haircut once in a while, they will love you for it, just make sure that the experience isn't too traumatic. That really only becomes a problem if you groom them infrequently and are not used to being handled in such a way.

Peace O_o x

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