Sunday, April 13, 2008

Teriyaki Boy!

So after our trip to Tiendesitas, we decided to eat out for dinner. They suggested Chow King, and as we just handled our Chow Chows that day, and me having eaten at Chow King twice previously, I suggested we go Japanese instead.

So we drove down to Market Market and hit the local Teriyaki Boy!

Teriyaki Boy has been around for a while now, unfortunately I wasn't blogging yet at the time. Last night wasn't really crowded and we were immediately seated despite there being 8 of us and the time being 8 PM.

I decided to order some maki, so I got the Futo Maki and their California Maki. In addition I shared some Teriyaki Chicken with my cousin. To wash things down, I ordered a bottomless iced tea.

The iced tea arrived first, and was uninspired. That's all I'm going to say about it...

Then after a while the food arrived, the maki first.

Unfortunately, Teriyaki Boy isn't the best place for quantity. At their prices, these are relatively few portions. That would be understandable when it comes to Japanese food as usually sushi/maki/sashimi costs are dictated by quality.

I however am a quality - quantity lover... good food right amount.

I will first discuss their California Maki...

Their California Maki, comes in batches of 6 per order. It is really just mango, crabstick with mayo, wrapped in seaweed with Japanese rice and sprinkled with an outer layer of crab eggs.

Their CMaki was okay, unfortunately it was a little too warm for a maki of this make, It was exposed to the hot chicken teriyaki and thus had a higher temperature than ideal.

Making matters a little worse was that their mango was a little over ripe...

CMaki is a very yummy dish normally, unfortunately if the mango used is over or under ripe the entire experience is less than stellar.

Next up is the Futo Maki...

Futo Maki is a combination of elements, celery, bamboo shoot, crabstick, and tamago with Japanese rice wrapped in seaweed. 3 key elements that determine their flavor for me are the amounts of the bamboo shoot (the brown thing), the dried something (the yellow looking wedge) and lastly the pink sugary sweet thing.

These elements combined in proper amounts make a perfect Futo Maki roll, I wouldn't even consider the dish a proper Futo Maki unless all three are present.

Teriyaki Boy delivered with the said three ingredients, a little adjustment with the bamboo shoot and the pink sweet thing (namely a little more of it) would make this even better than it was. Unfortunately they loose points in quantity...

Only 4 slices per order.

They could have reduced the thickness by about 1/3rd and added around 2 to three more slices. Incidentally, the Japanese really never serve anything in 4's! It's supposedly bad luck.

Last up is their Teriyaki Chicken...

Their Chicken was exemplary as always. Rarely do I get a taste of bad Teriyaki Chicken from them. It is one of their, if not THE signature dish so you would expect good quality and quantity. The tender juicy chicken generously slathered in teriyaki sauce adds a little extra zing to the maki and made a perfect compliment to the meal as a whole.

Teriyaki Boy has good quality for their prices, and may be as authentic as you can get with that price range. You may ache for a little more quantity in some areas, but their other dishes will surely satisfy!

Peace! O_o x


Anonymous said...

there is no celery in a futo maki. it must be a japanese cucumber. second, the pink thingy is called "denbu". it is usually used in onigiri.

SiMo said...

Thanks for the info... Yeah, I think it's cucumber too! My bad...

And thanks also for informing me about "denbu" Ive always wondered what it was called, and will now know what to ask for when they do not have enough of it : )

Peace O_o x