Friday, April 18, 2008

Trouble In Paradise!

Today I went with my family to Palaya Calatagan, situated near Punta Baluarte Batangas(correct my spelling if I'm wrong) it is a new development project by LANDCO Pacific. It's still pretty much under development, however the first clubhouse and pool area has already been fleshed out.

Here we are at the arrival point, as you can see it still is pretty bare. The weather was sunny this day, and the wind just right. A perfect day for swimming even if I do say so myself.

This is the entry path into the reception area, really just a modest walkway, and as I was entering this Calatagan I was already thinking whether I would be swimming or not, seeing my fair share of really cool pools this side of Batangas, I would really only swim if the water's tempting, or if I'm with friends.

This is the primary reception / business dinning area. Here there are rows of seating and tables for whatever non fun things that may occur at the resort.

Here I found nice cushy chairs, I brought with me a book and a few things to keep me occupied should the pool fail to meet expectations. I was already considering parking my keester here for the duration of the trip... Glad I did not.

Also at the reception area was a mini diorama of the planned overlay of the entire project, here staring me in the face was a squiggly but somewhat large pool area (as indicated by the light blue areas). Things seem to be looking up, time to go pool hunting!

After the reception pavilion, I was beginning to wonder where the pool was, the beach was already in plain sight as seen in photo, but the smell of chlorine still eluded me. I would later find out that the main pool area was a bit of a walk from the reception area. This is the seaside walkway you cross to get to the pool area.

Then as you cross over this bridge the undeniable smell of chlorinated water will definitely get you excited for what may be a very nice pool area!

After the bridge, you are greeted by raked sand (seriously crazy! who would go to the trouble of raking sand of all things...) where a row of cozy sun chairs are laid out. Some are partially shaded by some trees, while for others who enjoy the super solar sun beams will enjoy those that are not.

Here is the view from one of the shaded chairs (I do not like super sun beams), nice eh?

After my affair with a very tempting chair, the pursuit of cool pool water was once again at the top of my list. Immediately behind the row of chairs is another pavilion which undoubtedly houses the pool area. So off I went into the sunny yet well landscaped property where I am greeted by...

Viola! the pool area! You just cant miss the wide infinity pool that graces the immediate facade of the pool pavilion. At first glance the water seems to be shallow, but it is a bowl shaped pool which eventually evens out at about 4 feet of water. Not too deep, but deep enough for a good dip!

Here is the rest of the pavilion, the pool pavilion is actually a lattice of pathways and bridges that span the winding pool area of the pavilion, the pool itself is a squiggly shape that terminates in the bowled out infinity pool seen above.

On the way to our assigned cabana, I spot one of MANY MANY pool access points, I will explain in detail later why there are so many access points. But point of interest however are the barely visible small dots that are located at the bottom of this particular access point. Yes folks, they seem to be water jets!

Here is the view from the lower end of the pool pavilion, if you wade all the way to the end of this winding pool you will emerge in the infinity pool area. Notice also all the lush greens that surround the area, this helps keep the air quite fresh all throughout the resort.

Here we have the cabana we used. As you can see, it has its own private pool access area! This is the reason that there are TONS of access ramps to the pool, each cabana comes with its own private pool stairway, and yes, those little jets are also here. It seems that each stairwell is also its own private water jacuzzi!

Here we have the cabana platform, boards on the cabana can be raised for comfy seating, cool!

Here is the view from said comfy seating!

For those not wanting their cabanas too close to the water, there are these. The raised cabana comes with its own lower area for wet people, and the upper area has nice wide seats where one can just lay back and forget about life...

Here are the shower areas, see the handles? They're the starfish! lolx!

The place is a beaut! Nice wide pool, shallow but deep enough for you to swim in. Cool cabanas, and windy thanks to the sea side winds.

The beach however left a little to be desired... It was a little dirty (with nature) hehe, the landscaping, rather seascaping has yet to finish, so its a bit rocky and mossy.

That aside, this little under developed gem is a prime spot for swimming, then why is the entry titled so you ask?

Well, because in the midst of our swimming hoorah, my sister started to feel horribly ill, so after about an hour of swimming (thats small compared to the 2 hours it took to get there alone!) we had to pack up and rush off.

Luckily, my sister is fine, I'm grateful for the little taste of paradise, but am left wanting for more.

Peace O_o x

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