Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Book 7 Updates... Almost Done! (Still

I know many out there have finished the book ages ago, but I just can't bring myself to complete the book in the span of time it takes to read this sentence. I just find that reading books at breakneck speeds decreases the visceral experience of reading in general. The 6th book I read in the span of a day, and after a very big headache and really tired eyes. I found that I didn't enjoy the experience of super fast reading. That the book just zipped by and I didn't even get to feel the pages as I read page by page, the enjoyment of reading a book whilst propped upon a soft cushy pillow eating sweets and drinking milk... The best!

So I decided to approach the very last Harry Potter Book as such. The result is that my pace is only slightly faster than watching grass grow. Its a pain that I am left to ponder whats coming up and avoiding spoilers while tackling the book at the same time. However bothersome though, it is still an enjoyable experience.

Now on with the book...


I'm officially 2/3rds done with the book and a lot has happened. I now know the reason behind The title "Deathly Hallows" and have seen a few more deaths along the way. At this point in the book, the three main antagonist are still intact, albeit a little worn for wear. Certain peripheral characters were killed off, and one transitory major/minor character was also killed off. There was finally some closure to the entire Horcrux problem, but there were 7 and not all were still accounted for. With only but a third of the book to go, I'm getting even more worried at the ultimate outcome of this all. Remember about the new plot device that would be introduced to speed up the story I was talking about... "Deathly #$@#cough#$%%^% Hallows *&$^ cough!"
It's a ride! With very little rest in between action elements (making the dull sessions really dull lolx... I'm tempted to just breeze through these sections, honestly speaking) making for one really action packed book. It's so far a great addition to the series, I still have the remainder to determine if it truly is the pinnacle of Harry Potter books.

Well, Ill keep you posted as I complete the book.

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