Monday, July 23, 2007

Food Trip: Pizza Co.

This time, we're reviewing a pizza-pasta combination at Pizza Co. When I first tried eating there I really didn't know what to expect. It just really seemed to me at the time an overblown Pizza Hut with way more outrageous prices. However, I soon found out that Pizza Hut this was not. The menu items for review this time are the fettuccine florentine, and the standard crispy pepperoni pizza.

Let's get things started with the florentine. Their florentine is a creamy white based fettuccine generously sprinkled with ham slices, spinach and bacon bits. The creamy consistency is such that each bite brings with it small portions of happiness in the form of warm and mildly sweet cream wrapped around a soft yet firm fettuccine noodle. The cheese seems to be already incorporated into the creamy mixture leaving a very slight after cheesy taste that pours out as the cream unifies the flavor into a singular impetus. The overall experience of biting into that forkful of noodles, creamy-cheesy sauce, ham, and spinach all together in a unified orchestra is totally satisfying. The cream offsets the slightly (yet very mild) bitterly taste to the spinach which compliments the natural sweetness brought about the creamy sauce and tender ham slices. Topped off with a generous sprinkling of pepper completes the entire package really well.

Next up is the pepperoni pizza. The reason I did this review together was that, the pepperoni, though really tasty, doesn't really do well enough on its own as I find the pizza to be generally too acidic (too much tomatoey redness) for my tastes. The pizza pulls off the traditional pepperoni pizza really well, the cheese, the pepperoni and the tomato paste are all well combined, however there is a distinct acidity to the pizza as a whole, but that's generally what you get when you order a pepperoni pizza. I also found no fault in the crispness of the pizza dough, it was done well and the crispness lasted the entire meal glad to say. Although tastes vary from person to person, I found the acidity too over powering, so to counter and at the same time compliment the acidity we pair this pizza with a white based pasta...

This is the dynamic duo in action, the best way to approach this combo it to use the pizza as a form of garlic bread (or bread in general), and use it to mop up the sauce, or top the pasta directly onto the pizza ensuring that the creamy texture mixes with the acidic tomato paste, the resulting blend will nullify the acidity and blend both the sweet and tangy natures of the pizza pasta combo making for one tasty treat! The meal will most likely set you back about 400 to 500 Pesos, and that feeds about two people sufficiently, I will still complain however that there just isn't enough florentine to go around...

Damihan nyo portions nyo! It's all good though, just a suggestion... Wink Wink!

As for drinks however, well lets say that Senses Lumines explains in detail why I didn't really review any drinks with this particular meal... Link up and see for yourself his assessment of their thirst quenchers.

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