Friday, July 20, 2007

Deathly Hollows... Super Spoilers (maybe)

As I write this, Deathly Hollows is probably already trickling into their respective bookstores getting ready for their release tomorrow. Of course as a follower of the series I am excited at what the final chapter of the series will bring. So to curb the excitement I have a few teasers on possible spoilers that people everywhere are talking about, as well as some of my own ramblings.

1.) Harry Potter is a Horcrux... hahahaha, patay dapat cla dalawa! Joke...
2.) Harry Potter is the opposite of a Horcrux... a uhmmm... a Rainbowcrux
3.) Ron and Hermione will die
4.) Neville's parents will recover from the lulu house.
5.) Voldemort is just really insecure and didn't breastfeed as a child.
6.) R.A.B. is more or less confirmed to be a family member of Sirius (Regulus is most popular)
7.) Snape is good but dies in the end.
8.) Snape is bad but becomes good then dies at the end.
9.) Snape is bad and dies at the end.
10.) special... This ones long so see below...

JK Rowling mentioned that the last word of the entire book would in all likelihood be "scar", so in anticipation to that, the last sentence of the book would probably read...

"As the Harry battled the dark lord amidst the center of the forgotten coliseum, a ray of light appears.

Fawkes flaps her majestic wings and before them shone a shinning visage of a man, Dumbledore surrounded by flames.

"Bluddy Hewol" Shouted Ron while holding a limp and dying Hermione.

Harry beaten and broken turned to Dumbledore's visage and pointed his wand...

"Now is the time Harry you received all your power." Said Dumbledore's image.

Harry Screams "LiberataTotemeExInferis"

and suddenly... @#$*&#@ !

"Ow"... screamed Gelo...

"Why? What's the matter Gelo?" Asked Wayne who was sleeping beside him.
(hehehe Bday ni Wayne naman daw, C Gelo na mahilig katabi mga me bday...!)

"I had a dream..."

"A dream..?" Asked Wayne

"Yes, I dreamed I was a boy in a fantastic world!"

"Owz?!" Sabi ni Wayne

"UU, and I had a scar" Gelo Exclaims...

The End!

Ex Chapters...

"owz?! talaga?! kulang ka lang sa talsik ata Gelo e... hahahahaha" Sabi ni Wayne.

"Che! Panget Ka, Mukha kang Laway!" Sabi Ni Gelo...

Then the next day in London, a picket line forms in front of JK Rowlings House... Lolx

Stay Tuned for ACTUAL spoilers as soon as I read the book... Hehehe (Evil...Evil).

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