Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter Fever!

Harry Potter's latest excursion to the big screen is based on probably the longest if not one of the longest books in the series, and where it may be that, the film is just about the shortest. Due to this given constraint the entire mood of the film feels very rushed, and from start to finish it felt like watching something running in fast forward. Don't get me wrong however, I did enjoy the film, and so did my buddy who watched the film with me. However as a testament to the rapid clip of the film, my buddy had to make a quick bathroom break (na sobrahan sa big gulp!) and by the time he returned a lot of things happened that he missed. Thats how rapid the clip of the movie was! Enough however of the negative aspects of the movie, lets get back on track and discuss the movie as a whole. Despite the necessary rapid pace, I find no fault with the actors as they are able to return to character with relative ease. Adding to the roster of characters are a few new faces, most noticeable of which was Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of female lunatic Bellatrix Lestrange. Helena pulls off a pretty impressive Bellatrix in my opinion, and I find that she is a worthy addition to the cast. Also adding a little "sugar" to the roster is Imelda Staunton who portrays Dolores Umbridge. While I found that she was unable to pull off the looks of Dolores Umbridge (who was described looking like a squat toad) she was able to pull off a sweet sounding character (complete with sinister giggle... galing ano?) who was also evil to the very core of her panties.

Di nga, kakainis talaga yung chracter nya! Which means effective yung pag portray nya...

Her portrayal was effective in that movie goers will probably squirm each time they hear that wonderfully sinister giggle (first time ako nakarinig ng ganun! Sarap gawing ring tone!)

Another noteworthy addition was Evannah Lynch playing as the ever Loopy Luna Lovegood. Her portrayal was another example of excellent casting in my opinion. Although given the standard Harry Potter Movie problems with certain ugly (or otherwise not so attractive people) being casted by people who are now rather attractive, or no longer look the part, she too falls prey to "looking too good for her character", but who's complaining?

Luna's Loopy, seemingly drug induced high shines on the big screen (too bad bitin ang pagka psycho nya)

The movie was still a good thrills/frills bonanza for just under 3 hours, and yeah the fight scenes were particularly good but a little short. The deviations from the book not too severe, however I read somewhere that the proper sequence of approaching the entire Harry Potter world from an outsiders point of view would be to watch the movies first, then read the books later. Good advice for the three or four people who actually didn't read Harry Potter...

The Last Book: Hopefully A Really Good Read!

Speaking of books, as I write this entry now. The final installment of the Harry Potter books published is arriving this Saturday, the 21st of July 2007. I have been lucky enough to have been given a registration stub , and already have a book waiting for me for all I know. All I have to do is pick it up come Saturday. I find that I enjoy the books more than I do the films, and hopefully this last one closes the chapter on the entire Harry Potter saga with dignity, and the proper ending that a 7 chapter 7 year wait deserves... More on the Harry Potter fever as I find the time...

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