Monday, July 16, 2007

Fantastic Forced...

My buddies and I watched Fantastic Four; Rise of The Silver Surfer some time ago, and well it was a ride. Unfortunately the ride ended a little short of a proper destination. Going a little further, the move in its onset had a pretty cool premise to it. Sadly, the way it was executed was a little forced and a final confrontation between the anticipated Galactus and our heroes never really comes to fruit. In fact just about halfway through the film, I already thought that this would probably progress into a third installment for the film, as no hint of Galactus is even shown at the halfway mark into the film, and a proper treatment would require a move of his own. Unfortunately the film never really progresses into the final arc of the saga (the battle with th big G), and instead treats him as a passing threat. He even gets beaten by the films end and the entire thing lasts no longer than a few minutes if not seconds... The bigger villain in the movie was a super Silver Surfer powered Doc Doom.

The film wasn't all bad however, I have to say that combination of Doug Jones (well bodily contributions...) and Lawrence Fishburne's voice make a pretty believable Surfer. Then, theres the actors themselves. They are able to reprise their roles rather well, and that I didn't particularly find anything wrong with their chemistry together. In all the movie was still a pleasant experience, but there's a fine line between leaving people wanting more, and leaving the story outright undeveloped. Truth be told, I cant be entirely certain that there wont be another addition to the story, but there's always hope that the Big G will still have his moment in the sun.

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