Sunday, July 29, 2007

Deathly Hallows Impressions... (spoiler free)

Finished Deathly Hallows the other night, and what can I say...

Well for one thing, it was a pretty decent ride, I had doubts that so many issues would be left unresolved due to all the action that was taking place, that not much of the story progressed. Particularly the entire Horcrux arc, then about 2\3rds into the book things sped up.

Sped up really really really fast!

It was so fast that I felt after I blinked a lot has already happened. Don't get me wrong it still is a very good read, and a worthy addition to the Harry Potter series. However, I get the overall impression that things happened so fast that some things that were supposed to be drawn out were not. Particularly the deaths in this book, boy are there deaths. From the first few chapters characters start dying already, and some of them pretty significant. It was kind of odd that I made an entry on predictions on Deathly Hallows, and ironically some of them hit the bill! I must be psychic, or a wizard! Honestly, some of those predictions hit the book square on the spine!

Weee for me, AVADA KEDAVRA! (green light) hey it worked... I killed a mosquito!

The book, leaves me a little wanting more. I didn't get the full blown out satisfaction I was expecting as I read the book. JK always did say that she wrote the final chapter ahead of the last book so she would have something to write towards to. Maybe this caused the difference in the overall pacing of the book.

Don't take my word for it however...

I still strongly urge HP readers out there to complete the book amidst all (if any) negative impressions floating out there. It still provides the last chapter to the entire saga, and closes the series a bit abruptly, but at least with a certain degree of finality...

PS. The last word of the book isn't scar! lolx

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