Monday, July 23, 2007

Book 7 Updates... Worried (lol)

Currently tackling Deathly Hallows, and its officially the third day its been out. A lot of people have already finished reading the book and already know what happened. Some others I saw perusing the book's last chapters only (in for the spoilers lolx). What can I say, so far it has its ups and downs, but it definitely is action packed. Much so that, the tamer scenes tend to get a little dull (but really very rare). Yes, at just about halfway through the book there have been a couple of deaths, and worse of all, hardly any resolutions.

I'm getting a little worried where this is all going...

I get the impression the book is a little too thin for its aspiration, unless by some miraculous plot device everything is wrapped up just as I complete the latter half of the book.

For now I will continue to dodge spoilers, (there are a lot going around) and continue to read a chapter or two every chance I get.

Keep you posted.

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