Sunday, July 22, 2007

Food Trip: Don Henrico's

Today I will be reviewing two staple dishes at Don Hen's. Well, at least staples whenever my friends and I have the time (and funding... lolx mahal kasi kumain sa labas e) to eat there. Actually, my sidekick who is also a master of the art of fine dining introduced me to the magic that is Don Hen's, so I give credit where it's due... THANK YOU! for introducing me to a slice of poultry and potato ecstasy. The dish or rather dishes in question are their buffalo wings and chizzy fries, and when taken together are a match made in food heaven!

First off, lets take a closer look at their chizzy fries. Priced at less than 200 Pesos (mura n yun, kac madami naman e... lolx) their chizzy fries comes with its signature bacon and cheese dip that's inside a container resembling a tea cup (malukong lang ata yan e!)

Upon closer inspection, you see that their fries are actually made of potato wedges! Wedges that have been fried until a golden, crispy outside layer is formed keeping the soft potatoey goodness locked within.

When you take a potato wedge and dip it in its default dressing (default kasi iba gamit namin na dressing... more on that later) you will find that the cheeze will easily cling to the potato's surface and along with it a generous spread of crispy bacon bits. The dip's consistency is such, that you can hold the wedge with your fork and have the dip remain there in its tempting glory as it slowly oozes down the wedges side covering the colden crispy outer layer with a sheath of cheesy goodness topped off with bacon bits making for one deluctable cheesy-potatoey-baconey bite. YUM!

Next up, as a contrast to the starchy carbs are the buffalo wings. Don Hen's buffalo wings are not actually that expensive, (may pagka mahal din naman kasi ng konti) what makes it a little too hard to swallow is that they come in increments of 3s, 6s, and 10s (correct me if I'm wrong, as we usually just stick with the 3pc set) and for the 3pc pack its priced at just around 350 Pesos. So, if you're dining el solo... malas mu! Just kidding, but that's still the case anyway as it's a little too much for just one person...

The entree' comes with the buffalo wings themselves as well as another tea cup (malukong nga e!) filled with their ranch dressing. They may not look that substantial, but 1 alone is enough to fill the average person, well so long as its matched with potato wedges!

The buffalo wings themselves are covered in a special barbecue sauce that when combined with their creamy ranch dressing makes for a pretty potent palate stimulator. They completely flavor the buffalo wing and adding the ranch dressing to the juicy and tender bbq chicken only increases the sweet tangy combination of flavors that will surely please your taste buds. DOUBLE YUM!

These are the twins of joy and happiness! Their barbecue sauce, and their ranch dressing. Now a little about their sauces\dips\dressings. The ranch dressing is so flexible that we customize the other sauces\dips by adding a portion of the ranch dressing to them. It's not gross to those who think so, it's actually quite tasty! We take a portion of the ranch dressing and mix it into the cheezy-bacon dip of the potato wedges, this combination adds a certain creaminess to the already yummy dip. It enhances the flavor by adding a creamy-tangy element that contrasts really well with the potato wedges. Try it out for yourself sometime, who knows you may enjoy it too!

Here's the meal in total. Buffalo wings, chizzy fries and green iced tea on the side. By the way, the green iced tea of Don Hen's is pretty cool too in more ways than one, for a more in depth analysis of the wonderful bottomless drink mosey on down to Senses Lumines, His assessment of food and beverages are more finely attuned than mine.

In closing, the amalgamation of flavors that come from eating buffalo wings and potato wedges washed down with the occasional gulp of green iced tea, is one of the finer dining moments that I have come to enjoy. Try it out sometime, eating a set like this will easily fulfill two people (of husky size) and will only cost around 350 Pesos each!

Incidentally, do buffalo's even have wings? Just kidding...

(gutom na ako)

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