Monday, July 16, 2007


I was abducted by aliens and was returned only recently after they were satisfied the exact number of horrible alien procedures were performed on me. I now am the proud owner of a marsupial pouch they extracted from an unwilling koala bear when we were briefly hovering over Australia. It was a bit of a bother at the beginning because I am not accustomed to having a slit across my midsection, however it does come in handy from time to time. I find that it holds my change rather well, and that its probably the best place to store the various electronics on my person. Furthermore, because there is a lining of soft koala fur inside, it makes a neat hand warmer...

No, seriously I have been gone for quite a while, and that certain changes have taken place in my daily routine. Hence the blogging stopped, but now that I am a lot more stable with my new daily routine I can finally find time to sneak in a little blogging here and there.

First, updates... A lot of things have gone on, and I am going to have to work a little to catch up with all the hullabaloo that needs to be covered. First item of woe on the agenda is that summer is over, and now here in Manila its the monsoon season. You really have to enjoy the occasional shower every now and then, it makes for a nice and gloomy day. Just don't fall on days I have work, it makes the ride home a lot more difficult. Next on the list are a bunch of movies that happened during the alien abduction... (Fantastic 4; Rise of The sliver Surfer, Transformers the live action movie, and Harry Potter were the biggest happenings). Lastly on the agenda of urgency are the new fun things I have... Well actually zero, except for two new Transformers Movie figures I recently obtained (Blackout, and Brawl / Devastator). Any other miscellaneous updates can come and go as I recall them, top on my list are the above stated. Hopefully I find enough time to fit them in.

PS... Honestly wouldn't mankind benefit from a marsupial pouch? Hmmmmm....

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