Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Transformers Roll Out!

Spoilers Ahoy!

Saw Transformers The Movie, and what can I say? I was blown away... It was so good, I'm still geeking out about it. Joke... Truth be told though, I really loved it. I am by heart a TF fan, watched the cartoon as a kid, and owned a couple of the toys, even now as an adult I still enjoy the occasional TF toy, so I may indeed be biased for the movie, but everyone else I know also enjoyed it (even non-fans). The Movie is a collaboration between acclaimed directors Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay. Yes, ET and Armageddon, but it really didn't have the ET phone home feel, but it did have a little bit of Armageddon in it. The way the movie is treated on the onset is that this is a re-imagination of the entire Transformers line. This was supposedly a "reboot" if you will of the entire continuity, or at the very least represent another continuity altogether. The Transformers of this representation are even more alien than ever, their designs are a very radical departure from what we've come to know as Transformers.

Starscream Before

Starscream After

As you can see from the above images, there has been a radical departure from the traditional blocky designs that governed the original Transformers, and instead we have more streamlined metallic monsters. Don't get me wrong, after seeing the movie the designs of the new re-imagined Transformers grows on you. There are however a few kibbles as such detail and dramatically complex transformations don't normally translate well into a toy, that’s for another entry. There was one particular Decepticon that was treated with a lot of anticipation, because his design was well received. Blackout a Black Hawk chopper, was shown early on even before the films release, and he teased a lot of people into anticipating just what the others would look like.

Blackout in all his glory

Their robotic forms however are not the only draws to attention they have, they also happen to have very cool alternative forms. From 2008 Camaro's to F22 Raptors, the transformers of this line seem to enjoy a little flair for the flamboyant.

Bumblebee who turns into a 2008 Camaro, and Barricade an S281 Saleen

The cars that some of the Transformers parade as makes a lot of guys drool over their external shiny facade, and the chase scene that happens sometime during the film gets a lot of people clapping, because the cars are just soo cool.

The Entire Gang (minus Megs, Brawl, and Bonecrusher)

I'm all over the place, the movie was really good, and that stopping at one particular aspect might detract from the overall package that was the entire film. The film from start to finish was a blast, it was a ride I didn't want to end. The action scenes were great, the comedy subtle yet very effective. The drama... oh the tragedy (an Autobot dies in the course of the movie ... cough! Jazz cough! ...)

(Pwe... Sabagay naubos din naman halos lahat ng Decepticons... Maliban ke Starscream)
(Anybody know what happened to Barricade? He just suddenly dissapeared...)

The movie is complete in itself, in that it stays true to its TF roots and also has a few little tidbits that TF fans will surely geek over. Facts like Peter Cullen reprising his role as Optimus Prime with a more upbeat dictionary ("My Bad!") and that Bumblebee hits a yellow VW beetle when he was in the car lot. One can only wait in anticipation as we expect the sequel to the film.

Bonecrusher Wants A Sequel


eckoysnook said...

I think the best thing about the movie, at least from my end, is how it ignites a childhood fantasy to a plausible reality through the use of present day attractions! An eye candy meshed with intricate cg artistry and easy to accept dialectics!

SiMo said...

True, that movie brought out the inner children of a lot of people. The same could be said for the merchandise (toys) that followed soon after.